Life and Liquor

Christians Love Abortion

I’m just going to say it. Christians LOVE abortion. L-O-V-E kissing-in-a-tree love it.

Because abortion is such an easy cause to get behind without having to put any effort or thought into it. Because no matter how strong the arguments against you are, you can fight back with tiny heartbeats and dead babies. Science and statistics and what the Bible actually says mean nothing to you.

But the cause itself requires no self-sacrifice. Other than frantically pounding on keyboards in furious social media commentary, your cause is mostly just stewing in your own mock anger and faux-rage. Pray some rosaries. Go to sleep.

ACTUALLY HELPING REAL LIVING PEOPLE, people struggling with homelessness or hunger or addiction or sickness, this isn’t a thing loud pro-lifers understand. Because it requires self-sacrifice and time and resources. It requires empathy and compassion and love. And those emotions are so much more draining than the false anger you’re so addicted to. Yes, anger is addictive. Science says so. You’re entire cause isn’t about helping others, it’s about feeding your own addiction and binging on emotion. It’s all about you.

Which is why it makes the perfect political horse to ride. You get the appearance of having values and morals without having to do any work.

Without abortion, you’d have to get off your high-horse and actually help someone to keep the moral high ground that you claim holds such a high value in your life.

But that would actually require getting off your ass and doing something. It would be time consuming and emotionally taxing, and those episodes of Duck Dynasty on your DVR aren’t going to watch themselves.

So you sit at home and get angry about dead babies. You write an angry Facebook status about baby-killers. You rub one out, leaving thousands of potential infants to die in a crusty sock. Maybe you have a spouse and commit your self-genocide through sex. It doesn’t matter, you’ve killed your potential offspring either way. You go to sleep.

You didn’t help anybody today, but at least you’re still pro-life.


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