Life and Liquor

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Today we sifted through Twitter to see what people thought about parents.

Parents am I right? @MaddieRiley_ understands what I’m talking about. So do the other tweeters below.


I had to read this tweet about three times over before I could get it to make any kind of sense, @iamafoodaholic doesn’t have time for words, her mouth is for food, she’s a foodaholic, not a wordaholic! That’s why she identifies herself with a heart and an anchor instead of letters and stuff.

But I feel you girl, parents are just so different, and having the empathy of a sponge makes it impossible for you to relate to them in any capacity.


Me too, @kurrttcobain, me too. I’m like, Mom, Dad, the Internet is kind of my job, without it I would be asking to borrow money every two weeks, and they still think I web-wank with strangers for cash. It’s like, come on Mom and Dad, I do that for fun, my Internet job is a totally different thing that’s in an office and everything.


Truth brother. I won’t even touch someone’s privates if they can’t play an instrument. If you don’t have any rhythm things just get sloppy.




Internet handy to the always hilarious and sometimes good-looking @PeeJayOh, who inspired this fuckery by retweeting mopey teenagers in ways that leave me laughing every time.



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