Rhythm and Rum


That’s right y’all, another round of fresh(ish) music videos straight from Music Video City (take a left at Pornville)… Pornville is Mesa.


Noisettes – Winner

The Noisettes have been quiet for a few years, but they’re coming back strong. In their new single they use a sort of futuristic gambling parlor scene.

Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa (who always looks fucking phenomenal, that bitch) and her crew always manage to build these catchy, infectious pop songs with a strong composition and compelling lyrics. As long as this song doesn’t revive the #winning hashtag, I’m all for it.


Little Dragon – Sunshine

Little Dragon is one of those bands that is perpetually stoned, and they know that they’re always stoned, and they don’t really give a fuck, and it shows in their interviews. They’ll just talk and talk and talk, and they have this look in their eye where they know they should stop talking, but they keep talking because they’re so goddamned stoned.

The results are like marijuana for your ears: soothing, relaxing, a little disorienting, and your parents will question your interest in it.

This video was born out of a partnership with Absolut Vodka, so the band just does indie-musical things in the desert while getting smashed on a new flavor of Absolut.


Kimbra – Two Way Street

Kimbra (babe from the Gotye video, currently touring with Foster the People), released her first solo video in months, and it’s as perky and fashionable as Kimbra. Brilliant colors, beautiful scenery, a stock-model hot guy who chases her from set to set… check, check, and check.

It’s a charming video. I was charmed by it.


Pomplamoose – Don’t Stop Lovin Me

This completely slipped under my radar. Pomplamoose is indie, wonky pop, and the definition of adorable, and after a hiatus of months, they came back in June and brought some electropop with them.

The entire story arc of this video is Jack (the dude) trying to get with Nataly (the girl). It’s a good thing I wasn’t in this video, because I totally would have done him at the beginning when he was dancing around like a jackass in roller-blades. What? He was wearing a helmet. Safety is SeXXXy.


Paloma Faith – 30 Minute Love Affair

Paloma Faith unleashes her skanky side with a 30 minute love affair. Like most of her videos she pulls style and design influence from history to build these elaborate, whimsical settings that are similar to her other videos but bring enough new flavor to keep you interested.

In the video her 30 minute love affair is with a sexy black guy, but then Paloma comes to her senses and realizes she’ll never get her trust fund if she marries someone that isn’t a W.A.S.P. and returns to her original Anglo-Saxon lover. That was a close one!

Yes, I know there’s a new No Doubt video.

I don’t think I’m ready to talk about it.


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