Rhythm and Rum

Fiorious Fever

Sometime last year I was in a YouTube haze, or a SoundCloud haze… SOME kind of haze, and I stumbled upon this song.

As soon as it started playing I was enamored, a slave to the electro-disco-dance fusion that was pumping into my ears. Did you hear that introuction, the way it rattles and rocks its way into your head? From the start you know it’s time to move, or at the very least do an awkward shoulder shuffle in your awkward friendship dance circle.

This video came out yesterday, so in Internet time I’m back in the Stone Age, but I was thrilled to see it.

Pink suit? Check.
Female body builders? Check.
Golden poo? Check.
Golden poo on fire? Check.
Naked girl riding a rocking horse? Check.

It was like a slideshow of everything your kind of artsy, kind of creepy, kind of fun music video should have. Bleeding phones, old ladies dancing with gargantuan men, a dude getting punched in the face, you know, the kind of stuff that’s supposed to freak you out when you’re wasted at the club.

There’s no denying it. I have Fiorious Fever.

I don’t know what it is I find so appealing about him.

I guess I just find his music pretty. So, so pretty.


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