Life and Liquor

Technical Difficulties

I’m uninspired this week, suffering from the common cliche known as writer’s block.

My roommate says it’s because the lunar eclipse is interfering with the magnetism and gravitational forces of my body. He’s a doctor, so he’s probably basing all of that off science or something. Either way, I’m taking advantage of the eclipse and will be using it as an excuse to be lazy and temperamental for at least the rest of the week.

Expect a return to your regularly scheduled debauchery next week, but after Memorial Day because I’ll be busy celebrating America with margaritas, like our forefathers did.

Until then, click around in this link orgy. It’s a lot like a regular orgy, just poke around until something feels right.

  • WEB COMICS … Artist Erika Moen offers a refreshing reflection on the queer experience in her new comic short, Queer.
  • WTF TUMBLR … If you have some spare existence to kill check out Blame Aspartame. I would apologize for sharing that link, but it’s the aspartame’s fault.
  • CONSUMER WHORING … If you don’t buy Our Snooki of Guadalupe, you’re going to hell.
  • MUSIK … In case it wasn’t clear, I’m still obsessed with Kimbra. It’s like she’s in my head.
  • LOLZ ON TAPE … I’m voting for Betty Bowers in 2012.
  • MORE WEB COMICS … For all the soon-to-be graduates, Wonderella shares life advice in a way that only Wonderella can. How a web comic manages to deliver a better commencement speech in seven panels than most politicians and celebrities can in an hour is beyond me.
  • WHITE GIRL SOLUTIONS … Is he too old for you? Babe Walker answers one reader’s concern.
  • READ A BOOK … I’m reading Damned by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s pretty damn good.

That’s all for this week folks. Once this lunar bullshit is over I’ll be back on my A-game and blogging about heavy metal and bourbon kisses in no time.


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