Life and Liquor, Rhythm and Rum

I Made Your Summer Playlist… Well, at Least the First 5 Songs of It

It’s almost summer everyone (unless you live in Phoenix with me, where it’s summer all year long, suck on that Ohio).

So fire up the grills, dust off the swimsuits, and get that eating disorder back in order, because it’s time to crank up the tunes and enjoy yourself.

I know y’all are lazy, and being lazy is the most important part of summer. So I’m doing you a favor and giving you a head start on your summer playlist. Start listening and downloading now.

1. Dragonette – Let It Go

I can’t get enough of this band, or their lead singer, Martina Sorbara. The mix of rock, pop, and electronica pushes all of my special buttons, and the lyrics, even when simple, have a way of cutting into all the hidden emotions I store in my gut and spilling them on the floor. It’s very therapeutic, like popping a zit and squeezing all the puss out.

When this song came into my Twitter feed, I squealed with delight and bombarded my headphones with it for the rest of the day.

Everybody I’ve talked to about this song has described it by saying “it sounds like summer.” They’re right, and it doesn’t get much more summer than just letting it go.

See also: Take it Like a Man, Pick Up the Phone, Fixin’ to Thrill

2. Alphabeat – Vacation

Alphabeat is cheesy, Europop-disco fun. Every song this Danish band releases fits perfectly into a summer playlist, but their latest single Vacation defines it. This song came into my Twitter feed the week after I got back from a weekend in West Hollywood, and it made me want to hop in the car and drive right back.

This song is perfect for listening to while drinking margaritas in your convertible, and is sure to put a spring in your step as you attempt to pass a highway sobriety test.

See also: Heatwave, DJ

3. Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna

Marina and the Diamonds has always used the pop sounds and elaborate costumes that come with traditional pop, but includes clever lyrics, cutting satire, and an almost bitter bite into the modern culture of excess and indulgence.

Her recent release Primadonna, part of her Electra Hart project, brings all of that together and then some. I recommend playing it while trying to convince your boyfriend to buy you some new summer heels.

See also: Radioactive, Hollywood, Oh No

4. Childish Gambino – Heartbeat

I stumbled upon Donald Glover’s music alias Childish Gambino while relentlessly stalking him. I’ve had a crush on him ever since I first saw him on Community, and when I found out he was a comedian, a model, and a musician, the flapping butterflies inside me spawned a thousand tornadoes.

The fact that this much talent, charm, and handsomeness exists in one human being is scientific proof that evolution is real.

See also: Grind

5. Natalia Kills – Kill My Boyfriend

I’ve been a fan of Natalia Kills for awhile now, and I keep watching her scraping and clawing her way towards the top, but she hasn’t quite gained the momentum to break through. Probably because all of her songs are about fucking and murdering people (sometimes both).

Sure, most of her songs fit into a darker realm of pop not fitting for summer, but Kill My Boyfriend is upbeat, bright, and injected with a vial of sardonic spite that makes you want to dance and sing along.

And let’s be serious, it’s summer, which means you just got dumped so your significant other could free themselves up to spend more time making out with strangers. Don’t act like you don’t have some leftover resentment to invest into this song.

See also: Mirrors

Enjoy your summer everybody.

And remember, if you’re not giving a coworker a hand job under a blanket at a company picnic, you’re not doing it right.


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